Japan Tsu Shin – Donburi Series – Zakuro 2 @ Bukit Jalil

Classic Favorites Carry On At Zakuro 2

There are some places we don’t go because we don’t know where they are. Bukit Jalil is obviously not the epicenter of Kuala Lumpur, however, you can find some gems. Since opening at their first location in 1997, Zakuro 2 Japanese Cuisine has been a trusted go-to for innovative dishes. Chef Siong began with Zakuro, nurturing his passion along with his patrons. Sometimes all you want is the expected, other times something special. Here we are to sample a donburi dish not even on the menu; word of mouth put us on the case. Over the years Zakuro 2 has made several locations home. Their current home at The Link in Bukit Jalil has a warm charm. Their menu caters to the lunch crowd and big family dinners. Chef Siong shares that he enjoys the opportunities to practice developing ‘omakase’ meals for diners; teppanyaki is likely the most popular; donburi is not even on the menu. As donburi is a hearty meal for an individual it does not see so much demand in this area. We soon find out, it’s not for any lack of flavor or depth. If you have been a long time follower of Zakuro 2, you know how to order.

Maybel, the manager, introduces us to the staff and our conductor, Chef Siong. He humbly delivers a gorgeous bowl of ‘ebi furai donburi’ to the table.
It looks good. Hesitantly sitting down he shares the details of this off-menu house specialty. Resting atop are three local king size tiger prawns blanketed in crispy house-made panko crumbs. As I bit in a fresh snap released the juicy freshness. Just beneath the tiger prawns is a wonderful blanket of creamy caramelized onions and egg. This is gyudon’s seafood brother (or sister, I can’t be certain). I love how sweetness exudes from onions and mixed with eggs creates a creamy satisfying sauce.
Like an attractive flower you expect to perfume the air, this donburi  pleases with every bite. Focused simplicity creates a harmonious work
for many a fine dish, like Chef Siong’s version of ‘ebi furai donburi’

Now that you have heard about Zakuro 2 and Chef Siong, we hope that you find your way there to share something special. Not only this donburi, but taste familiar flavors in tastefully honed local plates. If you’ve managed to save any room, seal your meal with a satisfying scoop of in house-made ice creams, green tea or sesame seed.

Zakuro 2

C-5-1, The Link, 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Bukit
Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm (Monday-Sunday)
03-2770 6866