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Hop on a day trip with
Uo-sho to the ocean

Deeply interwoven into Japanese culture is rice cultivation. Although not original to Japan, this staple dates back thousands of years. As the pace of life sped up, culinary innovators honed their craft while turning daily staples into quick but hearty meals for busy workers. Mr. Kunio’s Uo-sho restaurant in Plaza Damas aims to keep this honorable tradition alive and well.

Simple affordability set the foundation during the Muromachi period (1330-1570). This became
a versatile concentrated meal called “Donburi”.
All necessary vital nutrients served in a tummy filling rice-based bowl. Easy for eater and the chef. If you’ve been keeping up, our Senyum donburi reviews series has been underway since October 2019. How many have you tried? I must admit my love for them all, be it oyakodon or kaisendon. If you have yet to try kaisendon, imagine glorious seafood piled into a dramatic action scene. Even a standard often features sashimi, sea urchin, prawn, and  fish roe.Keep dreaming  when you visit Japan, where you can attempt to customize a kaisendon. Add on or swap items depending on local seasonal delicacies, that could be crab and scallops or shirasu and toro.

Juggling the role of Uo-sho’s owner as well as the head chef, Mr.Kunio strives to maintain Japan’s “fish craftman” vocation in every aspect of Uo-sho. Since it is difficult for many to travel to Japan, he attempts to bring Japan to Malaysia by bringing much of their seafood directly from Japan. His passion is to share Japan at its most authentic with Uo-sho customers. Take the opportunity to experience an omakase course.

Not ready to dive into the deep end? Uosho also delivers a range of heavenly items that include aforementioned donburis, as well as noodle dishes, and even a teishoku lunch menu set. Honestly, you can hardly go wrong with all. This visit to Salmon Oyakodon (Salmon and salmon roe on rice,         RM 38++) arrived in an exquisite manner that instantly lit up my eyes. Instagrammers go nuts over this. Obviously, I couldn’t resist diving into the thick-sliced sashimi before anything else. Mm…
as expected, tasted as delicate as they looked. Super fresh, sweet, and chewy. Ikura? Those miniature water balloons were way juicier than I thought. Halfway into the sea of sashimi and ikura, I noticed the brown-colored rice hid underneath. As a frequent visitor to Japanese restaurants, I got to admit that the brown color rice looked unusual and I couldn’t help wondering why? Mr. Kunio informed me that brown-colored rice is a special point of Uo-sho’s Salmon Oyakodon, achieved by mixing sushi rice with red and black vinegar. Glistening sesame seed garnish enhanced the aroma. I emptied the bowl in the blink of an eye.



Happy and content, I fell for this donburi at Uo-sho which reminded me so much of my own visit to Hokkaido. If you are a fan of sashimi especially, add this to your checklist. Delve into the charm of Japan at Uo-sho.

Head to their facebook page (@uoshomalaysia) for the menu and latest updates. By the way, they are not on both GrabFood and Foodpanda, so make sure to get in touch with them directly via facebook/links below:

– Delivery: https://uosho.eatmol.com/menuuo-sho

-Reservation: https: //reserve.toreta.in/uosho?stamp=telegram


Uo-Sho @ Plaza Damas

Plaza Damas, N-1-4, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Weekdays: 12pm – 2:30pm (lo 2pm)
5pm – 10:30pm (lo 10pm)
Weekends: 2pm – 10:30pm (lo 10pm)
Closed every Thursday