Japan Tsu Shin – Donburi Series – Tenfuku @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Try out Authentic Japanese Rice Bowl

Something you can’t forget, the crispness, follow by the original flavor
of the ingredients, the sweetness as well as the f reshness trapped inside the yellow batter, the tempura. I do believe we can’t resist ourselves to bite this soft and perfect seasoned crispy batter, together with rice that sprinkled with concentrated soy sauce, broth and mirin, we called it as ‘Ten-Don’.
Tenfuku (subject to change) is a locally established brand that inspired by Mr.Keh and his Japanese chef to start a restaurant named Tenfuku that means a bowl of happiness. The restaurant specializes in three main items, which are donburi, udon and soba. As for donburi, the restaurant mainly selling ten-don. If you seeking for the real Japanese recipe and it should suits your taste bud due to his Japanese chef who have 30 years experiences in this Japanese cuisine.
He is an executive of some five star hotels and he has worked in different countries like Singapore, Japan and settled down in Malaysia. To ensure the
quality and the taste remains the same, the chef will come in every one or two weeks to monitor all of the menus.
Flip through their menu, the first ten-don that appear in your eye is their premium tenfuku ten-don, golden tempura in that bowl that will draw your eyes away from anything that might disturb your meal.
Various varieties of tempura included mixed vegetables, prawns, squids,
crabstick and an half boiled onsen tamago served with pickle radish and a bowl of miso soup. The ten-don comes with a lid in the bowl and for reason, that lid is more than a lid.
What’s the lid for? You might ask. Apparently, the lid could be the most important element to maintain the crispness of the tempura. The right way to eat a ten-don is to transfer all of the tempura into the lid to revent the steam of the rice soggy the tempura. The sauces come with their original ten-don sauce and spicy sauce, sprinkle according to customer’s preference. All of the ingredients served in an authentic Japanese style rice bowl that imported from Japan creates a masterpiece that portrait real Japanese ten-don.
The pickle radish specially created by mixing Japan’s vinegar with certain citrus served as a great appetizer and their miso soup, created by mixing miso paste with their own fish stock.
Besides that, other rice bowl like mentaiko mayo tendon and shiraebi kakiage-don are also their favourite.
The new kaisen-don, maguro-don and salmon-don are also available in donburi series. As tenfuku’s aspiration is to have more Malaysian to try out authentic Japanese rice bowl, they are selling in reasonable and affordable price. So, don’t hesitate to try it out if you are a donburi’s lover.

Tenfuku @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre
L3-36, Level 3, MyTOWN Shopping Centre,
Jalan Cochrane, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
10am-10pm (Everyday)
Delivery available through GrabFood,
FoodPanda and Aliment