Japan Tsu Shin – Donburi Series – Kimi-Ya

A Donburi Curated by Kimi-Ya to Warm Your Soul.

Locals and visitors alike can find themselves overwhelmed by the immense breath of Kuala Lumpur’s options. Lucky for them, Kimiya makes a decision easy thoroughfare since 1908. Today, stretching for 11km, some of the most respected destinations are on this strech. Not far from the road’s beginning is Kimiya, a spacious family-style restaurant in the base of Avantas Residence. Here, owner and chef, Mr.Kim hopes to bring you the conforts of your own hone through their service and the best seasonal seafood flown in from Japan. We sampled a couple of their ample donburi offerings.

Kimiya is like warm ray of summer sun through a countryside window. Head Chef Ah Kit may have a few decades of service under his belt, but he says it’s only a beginning. He vigorously embraces a love for learning, recognizing that our world has so much to offer. A keen interest in developing hand skills brought into the world of Japanese cuisine. For him, working with the menu of Kimiya allows him to hone attention to detail, whether it’s for the sushi, donburi or deserts. The house signature is a type of rare udon called ‘inaniwa’ they make fresh to serve with their own ‘shisoyu’ sauce. Of course, he had us samples some of the firm yet light noodles dipped into a sharp refreshing sauce.

You can look forward to trying some very different donburi options. Kimiya serves traditional donburi, kaisen don and more Korean garlic fried rice style in the ishiyaki stone bowl. We tried a tempura don and sashimi don. It makes since that having fresh seasonal catch flown in from Japan makes for a bowl with a variety.

Quite possibly different when you visit, our bowl was an organic layering of tuna, salmon, unagi and ikura. Lemon slices, gari, carrot and seaweed added color and a splash of balancing crunch. Tempura don came with three juicy jumbo shrimp inside a savory crisp batter coating, a pungent shiso leaf, brinjal, okra and Japanese sweet potato. Between the two, rice matched the style as the former was a light meshi rice and the later a bowl of slightly drier fluffy rice. Both were satisfying. Chef Ah Kit says they do modify to fit more the local taste, but will do their best to meet any request. Ask about pairing sake, shochu or whisky with one of their side dishes for a meal opener. Look out for their hand made mochi and deserts. Easy to f ind, park and unwind, Kimiya is one of Old Klang Road’s highlights.


Avantas Residence, G-2, 162, Jalan Klang
Lama, Taman Shanghai, 58100 Wilayah
Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
12pm–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm (Monday-Thursday)
11.30am-3pm, 6pm-11pm (Friday-Saturday)
11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm (Sunday)
03-7986 0732