Japan Tsu Shin – Donburi Series – Chicken Delights at Toridoki

Chicken Delights at Toridoki

From a certain point of view, you can say Toridoki came into existence out of necessity. Mont Kiara is an area sorely lacking in yakitori restaurants, which was a problem for Mr. Furuya, as he greatly enjoys them. The nearest one was in Subang, and for him, the distance just wasn’t worth it. And so in 2015, he decided to take matters into his own hands and started his own restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Toridoki’s main draw is its wide variety of chicken dishes, including yakitori, as well as donburi (literally “rice bowl dish”), kamemashi (rice cooked in an iron pot) and nabemono (hot pot). Meticulous care is taken by the staff to ensure the chicken being served is up to par, with work beginning as early as noon every day. This means every dish uses only meat that has been prepared on the same day – one of many reasons why Toridoki’s offerings are a cut above the rest. Customers are also able to watch the staff cook their food behind the counter, as the fragrance of charcoal-grilled meat and cooked rice fills the restaurant – a pleasant way to pass the time as you wait for your lunch or dinner to be served.

The most popular donburi, according to the staff, is the Toridoki Jyu (RM27) – grilled chicken on rice, served in a black lacquered wooden box. It’s not hard to see why it’s a crowd-pleaser – the wonderfully tender chicken uses the same homemade sauce as Toridoki’s signature yakitori, perfect for the fluffy white rice it’s served together with. The chicken’s juiciness and flavour is retained by the use of charcoal grilling, adding so much more to the donburi’s trinity of chicken, sauce and rice. Delectable, while being less heavy compared to usual donburi, the Toridoki Jyu is a must try.

There are also other donburi options, like the Tori Ten Jyu (Chicken Tempura with Rice, RM31) and the Tori Katsu Jyu (Deep Fried Chicken with Rice, RM29). Rest assured that whichever donburi you prefer will be prepared using the same high-quality chicken mentioned above, so feel free to explore!


No.40, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur
Lunch (Sat & Sun): 12 noon – 2.30pm (Last order) Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.30pm (Last order)
03-6206 4676 / 012-937 3754