Nihongo no Kokoro Part 133



Happy New Year, one and all! Here’s hoping 2023 is going to be a good one for us.

Now, what exactly is “hatsuyume”, you ask? Well, it’s the mystifying concept of determining whether our year is going to be a good one or otherwise based on the first dream we have after the year has changed. Basically, fortune-telling, yes.

There’s this famous saying that goes, “Ichifuji nitaka sannasu (first Fuji second falcon third eggplant),” which, if we were to see all three of the aforementioned items in our “hatsuyume,” would denote that year being an incredibly fortunate one for us.

Fuji being Japan’s highest peak and falcon being a powerful bird are relatively easy to understand but why an eggplant of all things, right? It may seem somewhat random at first but there’s a proper reason for it: the “nasu” in “nasubi” is a homonym for “succeed” (成す). Intriguing, no?

So what sort of items appeared in your “hatsuyume”?