Nihongo no Kokoro Part 116



I’m what the Japanese may call “ōzappa.” Meaning, I’m the sort who’d tend to simply look at the picture without taking finer details into account. It isn’t exactly seen as a virtue as it leaves too much room for carelessness so it’s more used in derisive manner rather than a complimentary one.

Still I think people who are “ōzappa” aren’t without their strengths. For example, because we tend to overlook smaller things, we don’t have as many things to complain or be dissatisfied about. These leaves us very few things to nitpick or badmouth others over. We are also less afraid of failure so we are more up for taking on challenges.

2020 had been a year full of strife but thanks to my “ōzappa” character, I was able to get past it without g overcome by stress