Nihongo no Kokoro Part 114

Yamu o Enai


2020 proves to be a year where people all over the world found their movement restricted no thanks to COVID-19. There are many things we all want to do but can’t. In this situation, the Japanese would say, “yamu o enai”.

This phrase means, “nothing to be done about it” or “can’t be helped” and other ways it can be said that more people may know of is, “shikataganai” and “shoganai.” “Yamu o enai” is more formal than the other two and used in more formal settings such as a business one. I’ve been wanting to return home to visit my parents as it’s been so long since I last saw them but, well, yamu o enai.

I’m praying hard that a working vaccine will become available soon so that we will no longer be at the mercy of this virus and 2021 will be the year where people are able to finally stop having to be resigned and start doing what we want to do again.