Matsumotos Corner Vol.8

Ekiben – Boxed meals sold
at trains & railway stations

The other day, I lest Tokyo for the first time in 6 months. I took the Shinkansen (HSR of Japan) to the northern place, but due to the corona virus it was almost empty. I had a comfortable time as a passenger, although it is a tough time for the railway company.

I had an ekiben for lunch in the train. Ekiben is a bento (boxed meal) sold at railway stations and trains all over Japan. It is mainly sold for long-distance passengers. The bento made from local products are rich in variety, and there are many selections such as Japanese, Western, Chinese etc. Opinions are divided on the number of ekiben, but there seems to be no doubt that more than 2,000 kinds of ekiben are sold in Japan.

For those who travel on the railway network, eating ekiben while watching the scenery on the train window is one of the great pleasures of traveling. Many people have written blogs introducing ekiben of vrious places. Some people even travel for the purpose of eating ekiben.

At big stations such as Tokyo Station, you ekiben of all over the country. There you can get some even if you don’t go to the local places. As it’s the time difficult to o abroad, I wish I could eat my favourite
nasi lemak ekiben in Japan…