Matsumotos Corner Vol.7

1 Sept. – Disaster Prevention Day

 At this time of year, in Japan, we frequently see satellite images of typhoons swirling and about to attack Japan. The Disaster Prevention Day on 1 September was set the year after a typhoon that caused tremendous damage in 1959. However, this date itself was decided from the date of the  Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923.

 Typhoons in September were the most frequent in the last ten years, with an average of more than five typhoons developing in the month. In four months from July to October, 70% of the ten years’  total number of typhoons had developed*. Therefore, this day calls on the public to prepare for disasters in the midst of the typhoon season, which sometimes cause devastating damages.

  Remembering that, I checked my home emergency bags,   for the first time in years, in preparation for the typhoon season and other disasters. I couldn’t remember the last time I opened these bags, but looking at the manufacturing date of the biscuits, It was 2013. I can say I opened the bags at  least once after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. However, the expiration date for the biscuits had already passed in 2017.

 Oh, I’d been loosing tension. However, the Day reminded me of the bags. Now I need to add face masks, and soap for hand washing.

※Calculated from data of Japan Meteorological Agency