Matsumotos Corner Vol.4

Mindfulness Meditation, Zen and Daruma

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, I have been staying home all the time these days. As people in Malaysia also experienced lockdown, you must have tried some activities in order to spend a comfortable stay at home for a long time.
Not being able to go out and meet friends or eat at restaurant can be very painful and frustrating. In order to relieve such stress, some of you may be practicing mindfulness meditation, which has become popular in the world these days. It is well known that Apple founder Steve Jobs was doing meditation, and recently it has become a hot topic that companies such as Google are incorporating mindfulness meditation into their training. I am also doing mindfulness meditation to relieve stress. It’s so easy and just 10 or 15 minutes of meditation will make your head very clear and the negative thoughts will disappear.
This mindfulness meditation was originally created through analysis of Buddhist meditation. In the East, there has already been such a culture of meditation for a long time. In Japan, there are some sects of Buddhism centered on meditation called Zen Buddhism. Zen is said to have been spread to China by an old Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma. The red figurine in the photo is a model of this monk meditating and is called Daruma. In Japan, one makes a wish on this Daruma and write one eye, and when that wish comes true, put the other eye.
May this pandemic come to an end soon.