Matsumotos Corner Vol.24

- Riverbeds, Urban Sporting Fields -

Japan has long suffered from floods due to its many steeply sloping rivers and abundant rainfall. Various flood control methods have therefore been adopted, one of which is to increase the capacity of rivers to carry water. By widening the river and creating a high river bed, apart from the low channel where the water always flows, the flow can spread to the higher parts when the water level rises, allowing a greater volume of water to flow.

That is, as this higher part is not normally subject to water flow, we can utilise these large areas of riverbed land. One of the most common uses is as sports fields. When I took these photos, the baseball, football, rugby, and tennis fields were in full operation. Some also have economic golf courses and cycle paths.

The riverbed fields have become valuable sporting or recreational grounds for adults and children alike in such ways. Even for non-sporting people, simply sitting on the grass on a sunny holiday and watching an amateur match can be a peaceful experience.