Matsumotos Corner Vol.23

Bridges Over the Sumida River and Its Surroundings

The Sumida River, which runs north-south through the eastern part of Tokyo for some 20 km, is crossed by more than 30 bridges. Some of these are smart, recently built ones, but my favourites are the steel bridges constructed in the early 1900s.

Many of these were built as part of reconstruction projects after the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923), and each one is of a different bridge type and displays its unique beauty. Also, some of them, under the same bridge name for a few centuries, have been replaced several times or depicted in ukiyoe woodblock prints, which gives a sense of history.

The photos show only a few of them, and the best way to see the Sumida River bridges is by ship. If you take a water bus from Asakusa, a famous tourist spot, to Tokyo Bay, you can enjoy these views from the comfort of your ship. I hope the pandemic will end soon.