Matsumotos Corner Vol.18


- Bread filled with Red Bean Paste -

I went to buy an anpan because I found a shop near my house that sells a popular anpan. Many people in Malaysia are familiar with anpan, aren’t you? Yes, it is the face part of Anpanman.

The “an” in anpan is made from red beans (adzuki or azuki in Japanese), boiled and then kneaded with sugar to make a paste. This sweet bean paste itself is usually called “anko”. This anko has been used in various Japanese sweets for a long time, but as usual, the Japanese combined it with a Western one to make this anpan about 150 years ago, and it has spread all over Japan.

I was surprised to find the anpan I bought in the shop was filled with a lot of anko. Most sweets these days are less sweet than they used to be, but anpan still has a bit of that nostalgic sweetness. This anpan was no different.

If you search for “Anpan Malaysia” in Japanese, you will find only real estate information. When Japanese people first hear the name of the place Ampang, they surely remember this bread. Both are pronounced the same in Japanese.