Matsumotos Corner Vol.15


- Crunchy and Moist at the Same Time -

Melonpan is a sweet bread with a history of about 100 years in Japan. In Malaysia, it may be known as the favourite food of Doraemon’s sister, Dorami-chan. It is made by covering the bread dough with cookie dough and then baking it. When baked, the dough becomes crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. In most cases, the surface is sprinkled with granulated sugar.

The word melon in Melonpan comes from the English word for fruit, melon, and the word pan comes from the Portuguese word for bread. However, there is no melon in this bread. There are many theories as to why it is called the melon, but the most popular reason is that the cracked pattern on the crunchy surface resembles muskmelon.

I have occasionally haditsinceIwasa child, and today it is still a standard bread that is always available in supermarkets and convenience stores. At speciality bakeries, you can find melon flavoured ones, chocolate flavoured ones, and ones with cream inside, etc., so why not give them a try?