Matsumotos Corner Vol.13

Gacha Gacha

Amusing Capsule Toys

Gacha Gacha is a vending machine where you insert coins and turn the handle to get a small toy in a capsule. The name “Gacha Gacha” seems came f rom the sound the machine makes when the handle is turned. Various other names are given as trade names.

It has become so common that I don’t notice Gacha Gacha when I walk down the street. But when I start paying attention, I can find them
nearly every corner of downtowns. I knew there were a lot of unusual Gacha Gacha toys on the market these days, but when I look them again, I can find some of them are quite eccentric.

Gacha Gacha was imported from the USA to Japan in 1965. Born in 1962, I’m the earliest customer. The fun of Gacha Gacha is that you don’t know which of the several toys will come out. It fueled my expectations and at the same time taught me the disappointment when my expectations were not met. Many of the toys in the early days were so cheap that I often got tired with them soon, however I remember playing a lot with the capsules instead. But nowadays, some of them are of such high quality that even adults become collectors. Although some prices have gone up accordingly.