JFKL September 2021

JFKL Talk Series

The first episode of our new JFKL Talk Series is now available on YouTube!

If you missed the FB Live on Sunday, 25 July 2021, you can now watch it on our official YouTube channel. The JFKL Talk Series is initiated to reach out to everyone and introduce more about Japan through the lens of professionals in various fields. The first episode titled “Longing and belonging: Portraits of different people in Japan” was presented by Mr. Mahen Bala, a Malaysian documentarian and visual artist. Just head over to our YouTube channel by scanning the QR code to watch this light-hearted sharing with Mr. Mahen that will remind you of the magic of connecting with strangers, and in the process, discover new insights into Japanese culture and history.

The 18th Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary Schools
- National Level 2021 (Malaysia) -

The full video of the live streaming of the above-said speech contest held on 24 July 2021 is now available for viewing on JFKL’s YouTube channel, which includes the Q&A session, comments by judges, exciting list of prizes and result announcement!

The Japanese Speech Contest is an annual event specially crafted for the Malaysian secondary school students. The 18th edition this year has garnered more than 50 submissions from schools all around Malaysia with a variety of perspective expressed under this year’s theme of “CHANGE”. In response to the current pandemic, the contest was shifted fully to an online platform with its official result announcement broadcasted to the public via Facebook Live. Just scan the QR Code to watch the 14 finalists compete in getting crowned as the first prize winner and listen to their attention-grabbing stories through the theme “CHANGE” on our YouTube channel.

JFKL YouTube channel:
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