JFKL May 2022

Asia Center Crosstalk: Cultural Journeys toward Post-COVID-19

Introducing “Asia Center Crosstalk: Cultural Journeys toward Post-COVID-19,” a new series of online dialogues between artists and cultural specialists from Japan and Southeast Asia. This series invites individuals active in various cultural fields, ranging from the traditional arts to contemporary art, to meet and talk online.

In the episode discussing about Contemporary Dance, Datin Marion D’Cruz, (Dancer/Choreographer/Producer/Educator), a founding member of Five Arts Center and MORIYAMA Kaiji (Dancer/Choreographer/Director) exchanged their views on issues pertaining to dance in their own countries and abroad, as well as differences between the countries, together with a discussion on the future of dance. This episode was moderated by NORIKOSHI Takao (Novelist/Dance critic).

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Watch link: https://youtu.be/7jd1b6gA3n4

JFKL Talk Series Episode 3 with Lee Swee Keong

Photo credit: Dev Lee

The third episode of our JFKL Talk Series is now available on YouTube! If you missed the FB Live on 25 March 2022, you can now watch it on our channel.

The JFKL Talk Series is initiated to reach out to everyone and introduce more about Japan through the lenses of professionals in various fields.

In this third episode, we welcomed Lee Swee Keong, a Malaysian Butoh practitioner who has dedicated years to learning and teaching the art form. “Butoh” is a Japanese art form that rose to prominence in the late 1950s, which is known to be one of the most important movement in arts history. He is the artistic director of Kuala Lumpur BUTOH Festival (2008 – 2019) & Nyoba Kan Butoh. In the thirty years of immersive experience in the performance arts, Swee Keong has travelled widely around the globe with his art.

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