JFKL June 2021

JFKL Mini -series -
ntroducing Japanese Arts and Culture in Malaysia on YouTube

Our very first “JFKL Mini-series” has been launched on YouTube earlier this year where we bring you a series of videos introducing Japanese arts and culture in Malaysia. The main objective of this series is to introduce and share the story of Japanese culture experts based in Malaysia to the world.

We are proud to broadcast the second episode of this mini-series which is regarding Kendama in Malaysia presented by Mr. Mohamed Azrin Shazzani, a kendama enthusiast who has been very passionately playing kendama in both Malaysia and Japan.

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy that consists of two parts, “ken” or main body that has three cups and a spike, and “tama” or ball that is connected together by a string. The game is played by tossing the ball and attempting to catch it in one of the cups or in the spike. Watch this episode by scanning the QR Code below and experience the charms of playing kendama, together with a short performance for you to enjoy at the end of the video!

Don’t forget to also check out the first episode on Origami in Malaysia presented by Mr. Kenneth Ch’ng, an origami enthusiast and founder of the Malaysia Origami Academy who has been passionately promoting origami in Malaysia. Just head over to our YouTube channel to watch this episode as he shares about how he started his journey with origami.
We will be sharing more contents for everyone to enjoy so stay tuned and subscribe to our official YouTube channel!

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