JFKL July 2020

Experience Japan through Minato: An Introduction to Hirogaru Nihongo
A2 Self-Study Course.

Language and culture are interconnected. Language learning would be much more interesting through cultural exposure since it does not only portray identity but also affects the language in many forms. Hence, why, we released a new course on our e-learning platform (Minato) to those who wish to widen their knowledge in Japanese language and culture.
What is Minato?
JF Japanese e-Learning Minato is a Japanese language-learning platform provided by the Japan Foundation. Minato means “port”. It is place to learn and meet other like-minded people; to expand your understanding and knowledge of Japan, Japanese people, and the Japanese language. Minato also offer many online courses to choose from and registration is FREE of charge.
New Course: Hirogaru Nihongo A2 Self-Study Course
Tailored specifically for the beginners (JF-Standard A2 level), it is a FREE self-study course featured on Minato. “Hirogaru” in Japanese means “to spread” or “to widen”. In line with the course name, this course is meant for those who wish to widen their knowledge regarding Japanese language and culture. Advanced learners (JF Standard B level) will also find this course enjoyable because it covers a lot of interesting topics concerning Japanese culture.
For more details about “Hirogaru” courses, please refer to the URLs or QR Codes below: