JFKL February 2020

Okko’s Inn (若おかみは小学生!)

After losing her parents in a car accident,Okko starts living with her grandmother in the countryside who runs a hot-spring ryokan – traditional Japanese inn. There,the young girl can somehow see friendly ghosts who help her get used to the ryokan life, and she becomes the apprentice as its
future proprietress after her grandmother.
Cast: KOBAYASHI Seiran,
Director: KOSAKA Kitaro
Screenplay: YOSHIDA Reiko
Original Story: REIJO Hiroko
Animation Director: HIROTA Shunsuke

MUSASHI: Music from the East

The talents of Japanese traditional music is getting together in KL for a one-night performance at REXKL in February 2020!
Nobuto YAMANAKA (Tsugaru-shamisen), Satoshi KATANO (Shinobue), TAKA and Junya TSUKAMOTO (Wadaiko) are awardwinning musicians in traditional Japanese music and each one of them are very actively  performing both locally and internationally.
The band with the four of them was specially formed for Brunei-Malaysia Concert tour in 2020 and will travel with a wide range of Japanese songs f rom traditional to contemporary while introducing their traditional Japanese music instruments.
Enjoy their powerful style of playing, clear and sharp sound with sensitivity in expressing feelings in music!!