Why embracing a challenging new direction matters.

  • 2020/9/5
  • Why embracing a challenging new direction matters. はコメントを受け付けていません

Why embracing a challenging new direction matters.

An open call to hear from you, our readers.

History with its 20/20 hindsight vision may judge 2020 harshly. The blessing of foods and beverages unite us regardless of the ups and downs, Joined in the cause of sharing a toast elevates our spirit. We propose that we gather to seek solutions over the time honoured tradition of taking tea. A Malaysian teh tarik session may not operate precisely as a spirit. This month we pause to review what we expected to be an inspiring year to engage readers to become part of the Senyum community. 

Anytime our world appears more unpredictable, turbulent, and dengerous some of us get excited, yell  ‘surf’s up’ and leap with glee into the dramatic crashing waves. Others, for any infinite number of reasons, pause, step back or altogether retreat. Reagrdless of Where we are and what we do, results may vary. Orchestrating a moment to gather in appreciation of the life we have lived with those we revere generates powerful reverb. Our history books our filled with epic tales of troubling times. Let’s stimulate our courage to advance. Epic tales are being lived right now. We are deeply grateful that you’ve found the time and made the effort to pick up another issue of Senyum. Thank you.

How many of you have visited Japan? Where did you dream to go?  Roughly a year ago, our team decided to gather glimpses of Japan’s Intriguing ‘other’ towns. Those destinations that often require more than just a train ride [as difficult as those train rides might be.] Yes, those ‘off the beaten path’ types  of locations. Our potentially controversial type destinations around Japan. Locations that stlmulate inspiration to step beyond the typical well-paved road. Sure, we love spending time bumping around the megacities too. We are also aware that to only speak pleasantries to someone isn’t really getting to know them. It’s all connected.

Thank you for talking the time to read Senyum. We half expected that we might be back in Japan exploring places and preparing to share them with you. Now, a virus has put a halt to the kind of travel we have become accustomed, maybe even complacent to. To remain still is an breath, what follows is a refound respect for the power of air. Our ability sent someone a postcard, a letter, exchanged a note or some seemingly mundane item? Is wasn’t so long ago that having someone to exchange address with launched a world of laughter and smiles to be shared.

Yamana House
Join the Revival

Known as Awa in ancient times, the Boso Peninsula is an often overlooked gem of a countryside location just south of where most people touch down in Japan. This month we showcase the importance of incorporating tradition with the present-day circumstances. Minamiboso Chiba is at the southernmost area seeing a vital cultural resurgence. Warm in winter and cool in summer, here you can experience fields of colorful flowers, rice paddies, ancient forest, magnificent views and houses hundreds of years old. We are navigated through the zone by members of a gutsy project called Yamana House. They are facing the challenge of rekindling the practice of ‘satoyama’, a method of coexistence with nature that have long been indispensable to rural Japan.

Shinojima & Himakajima
Destination Islands in the town of Minamichita

With these two issues, we hoped to inspire you to take that dream tour you’ve always imagined. Two small islands in the south of Aichi prefecture are the ultimate gold medal score. The islands of Shinojima and Himakajima are part of this prefecture’s scenic quasi-national park. Here is a respite to brilliant islands maintaining a rich history, while weathering an uncertain future. Delight in source fresh seafood delicacies as they have been shared for millennia. Even an epic princess declared only the sea bream caught in these waters fit for the tribute to the shrine of Amaterasu. Experience authentic Japan in a potently condensed getaway. We hope you make the time to explore these islands and all of Aichi for yourself.

Misaki, Kanagawa
A Historic Port Town Gateway

Welcome to nature, coast, seafood, a blend of Japan’s finest. Guarding the mouth of Tokyo Bay is the soothing coastal getaway of Misaki. The strategic historic port town is an area filled with beautiful views, restaurants aplenty serving lip-smacking delicacies, and the central hub of frozen tuna in Japan. The largest natural island in Kanagawa, Jōgashima (城ヶ島), linked to Japan’s premier tuna market of Misaki port, is a place to find yourself restored. This fantastic 30-meter high island is a visually dramatic slice of tide worn volcanic rocks, steep cliffs, historic lighthouses, hiking trails, and inspiring views. Capture portraits in tall grassy fields with the Pacific Ocean backdrop, and observe protected sea cormorants in their habitat. Finish your visit with some of the best tuna you’ve ever tasted.