Showa Era Shopping District Countryside lifestyle close to the city Miura Misaki

  • 2020/8/6
  • Showa Era Shopping District Countryside lifestyle close to the city Miura Misaki はコメントを受け付けていません

Showa Era Shopping District
Countryside lifestyle close to the city
Miura Misaki

Stroll through the car-free market street in the Misaki Shitamachi Shōtengai. Here, the narrowly divided landscape still has that air of Japan’s Showa era. Explore shops that feel nostalgic for many Japanese while still catering to the locals.
Welcome to a visit around Misaki town’s historic destination engineered for shopping and entertainment. The small port town’s own Ginza district, although small in size, continues to exude Showa era charms among wonderful rustic buildings with classic storefronts and engaging locals. With the modern drive to raze most areas of such historic significance in favor of shiny and new, it’s a blessing to experience.
Feel the textures, warm sounds, and inviting community. Glance up noting the details on building edges. Look down at your feet as you walk. The immaculate brick road has flying bird designs and other local coastal elements built-in. There’s even a classic post-box for you to send some postcards. While each shop may contain a specialized world of its own they are only a few paces distant.
Donuts and coffee? Check. Books and collectibles? Check. Flowers and seafood? Check.
Stepping into Misaki is akin to stepping into a scene of a Miyazaki animation. This town is cast in a vitality that is soothingly attractive. Artists like Mr. Keizo Takada, who resides in Yokohama, have been drawn here for years. He shares his detailed drawings of scenes from around the town on his Instagram. You may find him among locals mingling at one of the few drinking establishments after a day’s work.
Come for the world-class tuna, stay to soak up the inspirational nostalgia.


Shuyado Yamadaya
Oldest Bottle Shop & Classic Ryokan

Just steps away from Misaki Port bus stop a cute Shiba Inu, that well known ancient Japanese dog breed, attentively keeps watch at the entrance of Yamadaya. Fitting for this 100-year-old liquor shop and ryokan. Inside teleport to a more simple time. Founded in the Meiji era originally as Manyoya, the family-run business was a key purveyor of daily necessities like oil, salt, and sake.
Today shelves are lined with a generous selection of sake, shochu, wines, beers and all sorts of delightful concoctions. Request recommendations from their stock, but the true highlight is the renovated upper level. Maintaining their historic connection, the spacious upper level follows tradition with well-maintained furnishings, sliding shōji, and tatami mats. The space easily accommodates up to eight people comfortably. The traditional style is supplemented with modern washroom and high-tech toilet most have become accustomed to.
Grab some fresh seafood at the nearby Urari Marché, a few drinks from their bottle shop, use the shared kitchen to cook up your feast and bask in the soothing open space at Yamadaya.

📞+81-46-881 3341

4-8-10 Misaki, Miura, Kanagawa 238-0234, Japan


Atashisya Publishing

Publishing and bookstore café

Husband and wife, Mine Shingo and Sane Kayoko, are the duo behind Atashisya; more publishing company than bookshop café. The café bookshop is open to the public mainly on weekends and holidays, although you may be able to sweet-talk your way in. Much of this power couple’s time is dedicated to working their publishing magic as well as publishing their own magazine. The magazine, Beauty Bungei “Hair and Atashi”, is Atashi’s attempt to bridge the difficult task of combining serious with fun.
While developing and releasing local works excites them, they aim to be part of projects that uplift the world as a whole. Recently they published Yui Aritaka’s fantastic monochrome triple tone photobook with portraits of locals titled “Southern End” Muira People. Visit the website to review their catalog and latest releases.

📞09 07-213-7104
3 Chome-3-6, Misaki, Miura
Kanagawa, 238-0243

Misaki Donuts

Donut Shop & Café

Misaki might be best known for its seafood establishments, but this retro-modern café along the town’s main street tips the scales to sweet. Desserts hold center stage here. Misaki Donuts offers an irresistible selection of, you guessed it, donuts and beverages, hot or iced. You may find yourself making multiple visits to indulge in their vibrant selection.
Seasonal tastes may be your first choice. Other mainstays like their ricotta cherry, strawberry cheesecake and orange chocolate have your mouth watering just from the sight. Regardless of the flavor, they all seem to maintain a perfect crumbling cake-like texture without being overpoweringly sweet. Each bite packs a punch even alongside a coffee, hot choc or tea.
If all the seats on the ground floor are taken, peep the upstairs. If you love cats, you may want to add to your collection and walk away with a cute Misaki Donut t-shirt or tote bag, but keep in mind they are cash only. They apparently have three other shops in Kanagawa. Look to their website for further details.

3-3-4 Misaki, Miura, Kanagawa, 238-0243, Japan


Maruichi Shokudo Market
Seafood market and eatery

This is not your fancy cater to finicky families sit-down establishment. Maruichi Shokudo is basically a fish market. That is, consider this a market plus an attached parlor, kitchen, and table shop. As early as 10 am you can place your name on a list for seating which opens after 11 am. At the midpoint of the Misaki Ginza, nearing the bay, visitors and locals flock for their delicious fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Tuna is not the only delicacy in town. Peruse their selections as you consider if you’d like it grilled, boiled, or sashimi. You can ask for takeaway and eat along the wharf. Everyone seems to suggest you try it all every which way because you never know unless you try

📞+81 46-881-2488
3-5-12, Misaki, Miura,
Kanagawa, 238-0243


Chūkaryōri Botan
Peony Chinese Food

How many restaurants can claim they’re into their third generation? Chef Mizokawa Ryosuke continues to make his grandparents proud still working alongside his own parents today. Peony style Chinese food in Japan is relatively common, but the taste here is not. People come from near to far to drown their taste buds in delectable gyoza, savory char siu, kasiyaki, and shumai. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything not made in-house, down to the spicy pungent sauces. Is a bowl of raw tuna ramen unique to Misaki? (It’s so ridiculously delicious your tongue will thank you) If you miss out on this local rarity, it’s on you.


3 Chome-4-10, Misaki – Miura, Kanagawa 238-0243