Niigata – Indulge All Your Senses

Gaze on the poetic waters of Nihonkai (日本海),   
Niigata Prefecture’s source of rich delights available year-round.

Re g a r d e d a s t h e l o n g –
standing source for Japan’s
highest quality rice and
sake, Niigata also offers visitors
their magnificent world famous
At the geographical heart of the
Japanese archipelago, Niigata has
been blessed with four distinct
seasonal faces – one each for
spring, summer, autumn and winter.
From outdoor fun in the mountains
or sea, to unique dishes filled with
seasonal seafood and the earth’s
bounty, all are ensured to fulfill their
This winter, find out why and taste
t h e m i n d – b l o w i n g S E A F O O D
of Niigata. Fall in love with the
gorgeous landscape and mouthwatering

Foreign visitors are shocked
to find many affordable and
delictable sushi restaurants.
Tourists are initially surprised by the
kaiten-sushi’s (回転寿司, conveyor
belt sushi) quality! The expensive
“Nodoguro” (rockfish) is a bargain
not to be missed. Regardless of
the time of your visit to Niigata, you
can enjoy the taste of the seasons.
Spring brings wild-caught red sea
bream and bluefin tuna. In the fall
and winter, pacific cod and winter
yellowtails are invigorating.
Already tried conveyor belt sushi?
Time to experience why traditional
sushi restaurants are becoming
rarer. Taste the treasure only a
skillful sushi chef unleashes for
you. Their time-honored techniques
f u r t h e r e n h a n c e t h e a l r e a d y
unbelieveable flavors, “tightening”
and “aging” the original taste of
the fish exposing an exquisite
combination with shari rice. It is
truly a blessing to converse with a
sushi chef about their dedicated
craft face to face over the counter
they spend their life at. Pay your
respects and offer them a toast in
their honor.

Special thanks to Niigata Prefectural Tourism Association