Niigata – Get there by Shinkansen! Fun for the whole family!

Niigata prefecture is famous for it’s heavy snowfall. Have you ever experienced snow in Japan? If not, why not come over to Niigata?


Lo c a t e d n e a r t h e
geographical center of the
Japanese archipelago,
Niigata has four distinct seasonal
faces – one each for spring,
summer, autumn and winter. From
outdoor fun in the mountains
or the sea, to delicious dishes
made from seasonal seafood or
vegetables, there’s something for
everyone here. Recently, more and
more people from all parts of the
country are flocking to Niigata,
be it for its traditional fireworks
festivals, its richly individualistic
l o c a l c u i s i n e , o r i t s famed
powdery snow during winter.
For this coming winter, why not
have some family fun here in
Niigata, and fall in love with its
fresh, heavenly, powdery-soft


Nigata, with its many snowcapped
mountains, is home to numerous
unique ski resorts like in the Joetsu,
Chuetsu and Kaetsu regions with
many hot spring in the vincinity.
Apart from the locals, those from
the Tokyo-Osake region, but
international ski enthusists as
well. Also come to experience the
traditional illuminations and snow
festivals that the powdery winter
snow brings. Try the range of snow
activities you can find in the silvery
world of Niigata in winter.

Snow Tubing-1


Air Board – 2


Snow Scoot – 3


Snow Rafting – 4

Gala Yuzawa is only 80 minutes from Tokyo

Gala is the only ski resort in the world with its Shinkansen station. It’s a
speedy ride from Tokyo and right next to the station is the Cowabunga
Ski Centre and gondola station. Cowabunga Ski Center is the one-stop
ticketing, concierge and rental location for all your winter fun requirement.
They provide you with all the gear you need in a convenient location, which means you can come to Gala empty-handed!

Special thanks to Niigata Prefecture Tourism Association