Miura Misaki KANAGAWA

Miura Misaki, Kanagawa

Histric Port Town Gataway
Guarding the mouth of Tokyo Bay is the soothing coastal getaway of Miura. This area is filled with beatiful views, restaurants aplenty serving lip-smacking delicacies, and the central hub of frozen tuna in Japan.

Dusk rapidly absorbs the land. Step off the last bus into the Misaki Port stop at the tiny town square. It is no secret that many places attempt adaptive ones. Around Japan, generations of locals struggle to hold onto  shrinking communities. Residents that can, may pivot as tastes and global markets change. Inside this quaint town, people appear to be rising to the occasion. Miura Misaki has a bountiful arrangement, one that radiates energy rooted in a friendly multi-generational community. Add direct access to the unique preserved oceanside nature of Jogashima volcanic rock island and you find this lustrous pearl.

The geographic area stretches from Kanagawa’s largest natural island, Jogashima to lush farmlands heading north towords Tokyo. Commercial fishing has been the main economy for several generartions; particularly specializing in the processing and sales of ‘fresh frozen’ tuna. Despite years of troubling declines in global fish stocks and Japan’s smaller city shrinkage, younger generations are excited to be maintaining the allure of their hometown.

Today, even after creating limits and intercontinental programs to abate fish stock shringkage, many species of tuna are still classified as vulnerable to critically endangered. Misaki appears to be overcoming some of these hurdles through their community. Marketplace that stock local produce, suppliers that stay connected with their customers, and over 269 establishments crafting meals as unique as their chefs and owners. Because of the location and tuna fame, fresh seafood, especially tuna, makes an appearance on most menus. Yet whether you are looking for traditional top-grade sushi or instagramable  sweets, the wide range will not disappoint.

If you’d like to really experience the community, consider a visit in mid-January. Live the Chakkirako performance, a traditional dance festival of female dancers from kindergarten to elementary designated as intangible Cultural Heritage. This town is a fine example of bridging an enticing blend of new and well respected old with many ways for you to experience it.


Misaki Uoichiba

Japan’s oceanside tuna center, Misaki Uoichiba, is the country’s frozen maguro specialty wholesale market. Nearby, the old space just off the bay is getting a makeover. Although landing volumes have declined in recent years, this community remedies their ailing economy, reinforcing the strength of working together.
In this recently renovated cutting edge complex, head to the second-floor visitor viewing area. It’s straight to business at Misaki Wholesale where at any time 40-90 licensed businesses bid on available stock. Observe the process of displaying, examining and secret bidding of the hundreds of massive fresh frozen tuna. We suggest you arrive early and check the website for the latest updates.

📞+81 46-882-1111
5-245-7, Misaki, Miura City, Kanagawa



Nishimatsu Co., LTD

Founded in 1894, Nishimatsu Co., LTD has served an integral role in cultivating the city’s highly regarded seafood industry. Through the introduction of technical advances like ultra-low-temperature refrigeration and non-freon refrigerant Pascal Air systems among others, they have grown the port and the “Misaki Maguro of Nishimatsu” brand to be globally recognized for strict quality standards that champion Japan’s “sashimi culture.”
Misaki Port’s lofty achievements in commercial fishing with specialized processing in tuna have granted the city the honor of their own regional wholesale fish market. Here, under a high pitched bidding process, suppliers compete to satisfy their quota on tuna that has remained frozen at -60° C from the moment it’s been caught. All this to maintain the incredible flavor of fresh sashimi grade fish.
Since 2013 Nishimatsu has wielded their extensive industry experience into the unique “Maguro Concierge” tuna certification program. Through this, sales professionals are schooled on the nutritional value, fishery sites, preparation, defrosting and handling methods.

📞+81 46-881-4127
5-18-9, Misaki, Miura City, Kanagawa