Jogashima Island KANAGAWA

A Poet’s Respite

Translation of The Rain Falling On Jyougashima By Kitahara Hakushu

In 1913 a colleague invited Kitahara Hakushu to visit Misaki. Here he
found a remedy to his pain expressed in his linguistically innovative
poem “A Rain On Jōgashima Island.” This fantastic 30-meter high
island is a visually dramatic slice of tide worn volcanic rocks, steep
cliffs, historic lighthouses, hiking trails, and inspiring views.

Translation of The Rain Falling On Jyougashima
By Kitahara Hakushu

It continues drizzling,
at the rocky shore of Jogashima.
The rain of the Rikyu gray.
Is the rain pearls, or fog of dawn,
or my subdued sobbing.
A ship sails around the tip of a Toriya
Your ship which hoisted its wet sail.
I row a ship.
I pull an oar to a song.
The song is the captain’s spirit.
It continues drizzling.
The sun hides in thin clouds.
The ship sails. The sail dims.
Rikyu gray


Jōgashima is a refined example of the varied arrangements that nature hosts. Just a walk, bus, or boat ride away from Misaki is this highlight for residents and visitors.
The 4km circumference island is divided by the nature park area, Kanagawa Kenritsu Jogashima Park, on the east side as well as typical residential and commercial facilities.
If you wanted to stay on the island, there are hotels with classic ocean view tatami rooms, modern resort hotels, or even pitch a tent to camp (in designated areas of course). Some may come only for the tuna, others to visit the island, regardless, you can let yourself get lost in this idyllic place.

How you arrive will impact your visit. Departing from Urari are a few boats. Jump on a standard shuttle boat or take advantage of either
the see-through glass bottom Nijiirosana or a more elaborate package. During our visit, there were some groups of young elementary
age students f rom Yokohama, exploring the tide carved volcanic rock that makes up the area near the popular archway dubbed ‘Horseback Cave’ or ‘Eyeglass Rock’. The air was salty fresh and crisp in the bold sunlight.
Note the lines of time etched into the igneous volcanic rocks like those that confirm the maturity of a well-aged tree.


686 Misakimachi, Miura Kanagawa 238-0237


Jōgashima Island, Kanawaga

Nature, Coast, Seafood, A Blend Of Japan’s Finest

The largest natural island in Kanagawa, Jōgashima (城ヶ島), linked to Japan’s premier tuna market of Misaki port, is place to find yourself restored. You are invited to walk atop prehistoric volcanic rocks, capture portraits in tall grassy fields with the Pacific Ocean backdrop, and observe protected sea cormorants in their habitat.

Jōgashima is an island that has been revered by artists and shoguns for capturing the seascapes as well as contributing to the island’s appeal. Kamakura era Shogunate founder Minamoto no Yoritomo saw to the planting of thousands of cherry blossom trees and possibly Japan’s most loved poet Kitahara Hakushu used the time spent there to fuel his waka-poem anthology entitled “Kiara”. Part of the fun of reaching the island is boarding a ferry from Urai, Misaki’s produce and tuna market, or crossing the bridge either on foot or by bus. It’s completely possible to use both methods. You can also find accommodations for overnight stays.




Misaki Fisherina Wharf Urari

The Misaki Fisherina Wharf, also called Urari Marché is the ocean station. Here you gain access to basically everything. There is a boardwalk that also doubles as the pier where you board ferries and can look out to Jōgashima. Visit the tourist infomation center, rent a bicycle, gather some eats before boarding a glass-bottom boat tour or standard ferry bound for Jōgashima. There’s even a classic selection of arcade games you can play inside if all the amazing nature is too much for you.

Urari Marché is Misaki’s destination, much like a Malaysian pasar, for fresh produce, tuna market, and gateway to regional highlights. The Sakana Kan is the main floor seafood hall renown for selling the town’s highlight, tuna, as well local seafood. The Yasai Kan vegetable market on the second floor hosts a local farmers market, handmade tofu, Hayama beef, bakery and seasonal delicacies. Gather some edible souvenirs to show your love for the local community and your frieds and family.


5-3-1, Misaki – Miura, Kanagawa 238-0243