Yamanashi Antenna Shop

99Yamanashi Antenna Shop now open in Pavilion KL!




Mr. Hitoshi Goto, Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture ( 4th from left in the front lane)








Yamanashi is located next to Tokyo and is only 1.5 hours away by train. It is a region with rich nature surrounded by beautiful mountains. One of those mountains is Fujisan (Mount Fuji), known as the symbol of Japan and the highest mountain in Japan as well.
All 4 seasons show you different attractiveness in Yamanashi. In the spring, Kofu basin is filled with blooming Sakura (cherry blossoms). You can feel refreshing breeze of the Fuji Five Lakes and the Kiyosato highland in the summer. Leaves turn its colors into red and yellow in autumn, and beautiful snow-covered Fujisan appears in winter.

Also Yamanashi is known as ‘Kingdom of fruits.’ Especially its high-grade grapes and peaches are very popular. By using those grapes, the unique wine is made in Yamanashi.
Since Yamanashi has clear and clean water, it helps to produce delicious Japanese Sake as well.

Other than beautiful nature and delicious foods, Yamanashi has a lot of high-quality hot springs, and so you can enjoy Japanese traditional ‘Onsen (hot spring)’ culture here. There also remain ancient and medieval sites, temples, shrine, and old houses. Yamanashi is one of best places close to Tokyo, where people can experience the pure and beautiful spirit, which is very unique to Japan.

‘Yamanashi Antenna Shop’ is a step from Japan to the world which can tell more people how Yamanashi is attractive. The store locates next to Tokyo Street, 6th floor in Pavilion KL. Inside the store, there are fresh fruits from Yamanashi, such as grapes and peaches, fruit juice, high-class wine, Japanese sake, and other special local products such as Yuba (Tofu skin) and Hoto (Yamanashi’s local udon). Yamanashi prefecture wants many people in KL to experience their special local products and Malaysians become more interested in Yamanashi.


Address : 6F, Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL