Shirakawa Town

Hello, Malaysia! We are Shirakawa Town in Japan.

Shirakawa Town is located close to the center of Japan and is surrounded by deep mountains, clear streams and rivers. What we do have are unique green tea plantations and beautiful unspoilt scenery. A thick forest occupies 88% of the town, and the original Japanese landscape is still here for you to see. Even for the Japanese, Shirakawa Town is an unknown and hidden place. Culture, traditional foods, outdoor adventures and sightseeing in Shirakawa Town will be an unforgettable experience for you.

82EN-Shirakawa-葛巻茶畑_03 82EN-Shirakawa-大山白山神社_春の大祭

82EN-Shirakawa-茶摘み 82EN-渓流釣り 82EN-Shirakawa-白川冬景色