Giant octopus with yuzu ponzu sauce


Miyabi - Eight Steps to Satisfaction

Omakase dining is when a diner leaves their order to the restaurant (specifically the chef), and is served dishes based on the available ingredients as well as the chef’s recommendations. For the first time on Japan Tsushin, we’d like to showcase a restaurant where omakase dining is available – Miyabi at Sheraton Petaling Jaya. Join us as we go through a single course step-by-step!

The omakase course we would be covering is their Yu-Zen Course, which is a eight-course meal prepared by Miyabi’s very own Chef Tetsuya Yanagida, a veteran in Japanese cuisine with more than 20 years of experience. Each dish uses only the finest seasonal ingredients, so while the types of dishes are constant, the dishes themselves change from time to time.

Our meal started with an appetizer, which in our dining session was fresh Pacific giant octopus served with yuzu ponzu sauce, diced tomatoes and seaweed. The springy sensation of the octopus was further complemented by the tangy aftertaste of the sauce. The light flavor of this appertizer makes it the perfect way to ease into the next following dishes.

Sashimi plate

Next was a plate with 5 different typs of sashimi: swordfish, kanpachi yellowtail, lean tuna, tuna mid-belly, and tuna belly. For those who are curious, swordfish has a unique “muscly” texture that can’t usually be found in fish, which makes this a must-try just for the experience!

The third dish was a clear scallop soup with shimeji mushrooms, and right after that was a chawamushi with sea urchins and clams in it. The faintly sweet taste of the seafood both dishes was a testament to how fresh the ingredients were. These two made for good of comfort food, and were a great follow-up to the sashimi plate from earlier.

Following that was the agemono dish of the meal – whiting fish and asparagus tempura, served with tempura sauce and green tea sea salt. I suggest you try both ways of eating the tempura, as they each have their own appeal – the green tea sea salt was especially flavorful.

Unagi on rice

Dish six was a yakimono dish, a piece of flounder served with a piece of foie gras on top. The fragrant, salty sauce along with the soft, chewy flounder was a match made in heaven, and when coupled with the foie gras made for a deeply satisfying dish. Once again, the freshness of the flounder was plain for all to see.

The penultimate dish in the course unagi served on sushi rice. This was the last proper dish before the dessert, and it was appropriately filling. Despite being such a simple dish, unagi and rice is a combination that cannot go wrong, and the quality ingredients used in the hands of a skilled chef makes every bite utterly addictive.

While Miyabi has been seeing a rise in curious diners eager to give omakase dining a try, its menu has a variety of more conventional fare, such as set lunches, teppanyaki, tapas, wagyu beef, and rice and noodle dishes. Regardless of what your appetite desires, know that your tastebuds will be pampered here at Miyabi!

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