Meet new & old JAPAN ~MIE Prefecture 6 Hot Springs


Wouldn’t you like some spa-hopping to enjoy this great variety?

I f you are visiting Japan, we recommend you to visit a hot spring at least once. Bathing in a hot spring refreshes your body and soul and makes your skin feel smooth. There are hot springs about everywhere in Mie Prefecture. Nagashima Hot Springs (長島温泉, nagashima onsen) in Kuwana City, Yunoyama Hot Springs (湯の山温泉, yunoyama onsen) in Komono Town, Sakakibara Hot Springs (榊原温泉, sakakibara onsen) and Hinotani Hot Springs (火の谷温泉, hinotani onsen) in Tsu City. The most of the hot spring inns and hotels of Mie Prefecture can be found in Ise City, Toba City and in Shima City. Thermal bathing comes in various forms such as spacious shared baths (大浴場, daiyokujō), open air baths (露天風呂, rotenburo), and rooms with individual spa tubs or rotenburo. There are also many ways of enjoying the hot springs, for instance making a brief stop on the way home or a day trip to easily take a refreshing bath, or staying over night for taking your time off more extensively. Also, you can enjoy superb views of the sea and the green mountains while relaxing in the bath. With the inns and resort complexes all having different kinds of baths and hot springs, wouldn’t you like some spa-hopping to enjoy this great variety?



Text and photo are from MIE Prefecture. Supported by JETRO KUALA LUMPUR. MIE Tourism Guide Facebook: travelmiejapan