Maruki Ramen Tokyo

Maruki Ramen Tokyo

Maruki Ramen Tokyo
Handmade and Hand-delivered

If you’re looking for authentic Japansese ramen made with completely halal ingredients, you can’t go wrong with Maruki Ramen Tokyo… but as we all need to stay safe in these difficult times, let’s make do with having them delivered instead!

Japanese patrons of Maruki Ramen Tokyo tend to order two particular ramen dishes: the Classic Kuro and the Superior Shoyu, which we’ll be focusing on this issue. The Classic Kuro is Maruki’s signature thick and creamy chicken broth with garlic added, which goes extremely well with their springy ramen noodles. The Superior Shoyu is similar, but with a soup made of clear chicken broth with seafood. Lovers of spicy ramen won’t be left out either, as Maruki’s best-selling Classic Kara Ramen is perfect for those who want some extra spice.

You can’t go wrong with any of their ramen dishes, with their signature soy sauce, and their noodles which are made from imported Japanese flour. These authentic ramen dishes are all prepared without the use of any MSG and preservatives, so the umami taste of the ingredients is perfectly preserved! Maruki also has a variety of snacks on their menu, such as their handmade Tori Karaage (fried chicken cutlets) and gyoza.

You can choose to have your ramen uncooked when you order. That way, you’d be able to boil them yourself, so you can enjoy fresh, buoncy noodles!

The LINC KL, Level 2, Lot 2-23 –
Lot 2-28, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
11am – 8pm
Facebook: marukiramen
Instagram: marukiramen