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Ken Shin-Ryu Ramen - Aiming Towards Perfection

A quickly rising star in the ramen scene, Ken Shin-Ryu Ramen has been making great waves since it first opened around 2 months ago, seizing the hearts and tastebuds of diners from Mont Kiara and beyond. In that short period of time, it has already made huge waves for its unique twists on conventional ideas of what makes a ramen dish a ramen dish. Head chef Mr. Kita Koichi spent two years working for another restaurant, before he decided to strike out on his own, as he wanted the freedom to use any ingredients he wished. As we can see, Ken Shin-Ryu Ramen has more than a few surprises in its menu, but what are they?

We’re starting off with the first dish they recommended to us, the Clear Soup Shoyu Ramen. One thing to note about their ramen dishes is that customers can choose to add extra ingredients or sides in their noodles; for this particular review our Shoyu Ramen was served with a “Special” option. This means our order had roasted char siew, chicken, spring onions, seaweed and wontons, served in a bowl of clear shoyu soup. This is also our first look at how Ken Shin-Ryu Ramen stands out from its competitors – wontons in ramen? The head chef explained that he constantly takes inspiration from different styles of cooking to further tweak and improve on his recipes, and we were certainly intrigued by this fusion of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

The noodles were thick and springy, and they did a good job soaking up the mildly salty (but still clear) soup and its fragrant aroma. The chicken slices were lean but not too tough, and the char siew meat had great texture – both tasted great when drenched in the soup and eaten together with the noodles. And the wontons? They were filled with a perfectly balanced mix of vegetables and meat, and were a great complement to the rest of the dish. The ingredients used by Ken Shin-Ryu Ramen were shipped from Japan, from the pork and chicken, to the flour used to make the noodles (which were also hand-made). This and the fact that they do not use MSG in any of their dishes is a source of great pride among the staff.

Moving on, the other dish we’re covering is their Shoyu Tsukemen. For those who aren’t familiar, tsukemen is a noodle dish where dry ramen is dipped into a separate bowl of soup before eating. While the ingredients used might be similar to regular ramen, the experience is very different. The special ingredient this time is the addition of a slice of lemon in the soup – the normally salty soup now had a tangy and refreshing taste to it, which went surprisingly well with the noodles, char siew, eggs and chicken.

Ken Shin-Ryu Ramen is a pint-sized powerhouse of a ramen shop, that will definitely leave first-time diners pleasantly surprised and hungry for more. If you want to enjoy ramen made of authentic ingredients utilised in refreshingly new ways, look no further!

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