Tiger Prawn Ramen (coming soon!)


Kaito - Unbound by Tradition

Kaito is an establishment that defies conventional expectations, but that may not be readily apparent despite the modern, jet-black exterior of this restaurant in Glo Damansara. It isn’t just Japanese food made using halal ingredients, but those ingredients being used in a radically different way – taking influences from local cuisine and marrying them with familiar dishes like sushi, ramen and donburi. Their goal? To introduce Japanese cuisine to Malaysians who have second thoughts about giving it a try, for one reason or another. With that in mind, let’s see what they have up their sleeve!

First off, let’s talk about the succintly-named Lava, an appetizer dish that’s 2 roll sushis baked in cheese and bean curd miso sauce, served in a stone bowl to make sure the food is piping hot when it comes to your table. It’s finger food at its most scrumptious – cheese-lovers would be hard-pressed not to order another serving.

Next on the list is an upcoming promotional item, the Tiger Prawn Ramen – tiger prawns and ramen served in a special soup that’s been cooked for 4 hours, with an onsen egg. This dish in particular is an excellent way to ease any local first-timers’ concerns that Japanese food is mostly raw fish, as many tiny details would be instantly familiar to their palettes. Egg drops are added to the soup, just like how we like to spice up our instant noodles. The prawns are pre-peeled, too! Big and juicy, they perfectly match the flavorful soup the noodles are served in, making for a ramen dish that would have you asking for more.

Lava (RM28)

Now for something more experimental: the Fresh Cut Crudo, a salad-like dish that’s a mix of thin slices of sashimi served with ikura, scallion, sea urchins, fried leek, onion and garlic chips, on a special sauce made of pesto and yuzu ponzu. The wide variety of fish in this tangy, cooling dish includes salmon, bluefin tuna and amberjack, among others. Like the in every other dish on Kaito’s menu, the ingredients are all fresh, and everything from the sauce to the garlic chips is prepared in-house, according to their own specifications.

The rest of Kaito’s menu is a veritable list of delights, like the Ebi Ten Don (a rice dish with tiger prawn tempura, ikura, scallion, garlic chips, and teriyaki and kaito truffle vinaigrette), and the Sashimi Tacos (cube sashimi, caviar, scallion, jalapeno and teriyaki sauce served in crispy tacos skins). Sushi afficianados wouldn’t be missing out as well: their signature Malaysian Maki Mono puts a twist on the usual formula by using chili padi, mango and cucumbers alongside fried shrimp and spicy salmon. If you don’t know what to order, the chef would gladly serve up a few recommendations – even if what you want to eat isn’t on the menu, Kaito would still gladly try their best to prepare the dish!

Daring and pleasantly unconventional, Kaito is ready to surprise and satisfy. Whether you’re taking the plunge to finally try sashimi for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, you should come and experience what Kaito has to offer!

Fresh Cut Crudo (RM98)

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