Jrock No Tamashii is a concert held annually with the objective to provide a platform for all Japanese music and culture lovers to gather, learn and share their knowledge and passion with the Malaysian public. It is also aimed to provide the main platform and opportunity for independent Jrock bands outside of Japan to perform, improve and bring the best live experience of music covers to the local community. Apart from that, Jrock No Tamashii also aims to provide a platform for both performers and public attendees to learn about Japanese culture; which includes J-Music, J-Fashion, and the Japanese language itself. In Jrock No Tamashii 4, this year’s featured Guest Artiste is Vaniru; a new Visual Kei band with dramatical Electro/Goth Rock as their genre. Vaniru is led by their front man, Leoneil and their guitarist Yuto. Despite just being formed in May 2013, Vaniru is the first rock band to be sponsored by MAC Cosmetics and has been highly sought after by leading and famous artistes. On top of that, Vaniru is also managed by Baldre Company Limited; a team of highly professional and experienced management team for various legendary Jrock stars. On top of that, Jrock No Tamashii 4 has also expanded and grew in its line-up. For the first time in its’ 8th instalment (previously known as Jrock Kingdom), this year’s lineup has an independent Jrock band from Japan, and another independent Jrock band from Singapore; apart from the 6 other Jrock band lineups from Malaysia itself. Jrock No Tamashii 4 will be held on the following:

Date: 7 September 2013 Time: 3pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Club 99, KL
Tickets: RM50
Tickets can be purchased on Facebook “jrocktamashii”