JFKL October 2019

Japanese Film Festival 2019


Sakura Guardian in the North (北の桜守)
(TAKITA Yojiro 滝田 洋二郎 / 2018 / 126 min)


Director: TAKITA Yojiro
Screenplay: NASU Machiko
Director of Photography: HAMADA Takeshi
Music: OGURA Kei, HOSHI Katz
Producer: TOMINAGA Rioko

Stretching over 30 years from the days of World War II, Tetsu flees Sakhalin in 1945 from the attacks by the Soviet Union and ends up in Abashiri City, Hokkaido, grappling with the bitterly cold weather and hunger while trying to keep her two sons alive. Fast forward to 1971, when her second son, Shujiro, returns to Abashiri after making it big in the United States. mother and son live together once again, this time in Sapporo. Tetsu, by now is getting on in age, starts exhibiting issues stemming from the post-traumatic stress disorder she developed during the war.


Screening Information
Date: 12 October, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 AM (Registration starts at 9:30 am)
Venue: GSC Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur (Level 5, NU Sentral)
Admission/Bookings: Admission is FREE. Booking is REQUIRED via Eventbrite (Please see details below) LIMITED to 2 pax under one (1) name ONLY.

*Screening in Japanese with English subtitles.

1. Visit www.eventbrite.com
2. Search “The Weekend Japanese Film Show
(October 2019)
3. Click “REGISTER”
4. Insert no. of pax (max 2 pax per person)
5. Click “CHECKOUT” and fill up your information
6. Click “COMPLETE REGISTRATION” and e-tickets will be sent to your email.
•Ticket sales start on 5 October 2019 at 9:00 am.
•Please print your tickets or save it in your mobile and bring it to the registration counter during the screening day as proof of booking.

*If you have any further inquiries, please write to info@jfkl.org.my with the email title “The Weekend Japanese Film Show”.