JFKL June 2018

The Weekend Japanese Film Show

A Tale of Samurai Cooking – A True Love Story (武士の献立)
(ASAHARA Yuzo 朝原雄三 / 2013 / 121min)

Funaki Dennai laid the foundation for Kaga clan cuisine in the Edo Period as a “kitchen samurai” who prepared food for the nobility. This heartwarming drama depicts the internal affairs of the Kaga clan from the perspective of a woman who marries Funaki’s son. It features meals made according to the Funaki family’s recipe collection “Ryori Mugonsho” and recreates the workings of samurai family kitchens at the time. Maid Haru (Ueto Aya) is a talented cook but stubborn, which leads her to divorce her husband after a year. However, she is asked by Kaga clan “kitchen samurai” Dennai (Nishida Toshiyuki) to marry his son and heir Yasunobu (Kora Kengo), and works to remedy his lack of culinary skills.

KORA Kengo as FUNAKI Yasunobu
YO Kimiko as FUNAKI Mitsu
NISHIDA Toshiyuki as FUNAKI Dennai

Film Festivals, Awards
2013 San Sebastian International Film Festival, Culinary Zinema Section
2013 Hawaii International Film Festival, Spotlight on Japan Section
2013 Tokyo International Film Festival, Special Screenings
2014 Berlin International Film Festival, Culinary Cinema Section

Screening Information
Date: 9th June, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 10am (Registration starts at 9:30am)
Venue: GSC NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur (Level 5, NU Sentral )
Admission/Booking: Admission is FREE. Booking is REQUIRED with first-come-first-serve basis and LIMITED to 2 pax under one (1) name ONLY.

1. Visit www.eventbrite.com
2. Search “The Weekend Japanese Film Show (June 2018)”
3. Click “REGISTER”
4. Insert no of pax (max 2 pax per person)
5. Click “CHECKOUT” and fill up your information
6. Click complete registration and e-tickets will be sent to your email.

•Ticket sales start on 1st June 2018 at 9am
•Please print your tickets or save it in your mobile and bring it to the registration counter during the screening day as prove of booking.

If you have any further inquiries, please write to press@jfkl.org.my with email title “The Weekend Japanese Film Show”.