JFKL January 2014


Admission is free! Venue: The Square @ Publika Time: 8pm

Komaneko (13 Jan)


One sunny day, female kitten Koma decides to make a stop motion fi lm. She begins to write the storyboards, make the stuffed toys, and draw the background art. Before long, Koma starts making her fi lm – shooting frame by frame with her cute 8mm camera, and carefully checking each frame. But her shooting is interrupted by an obnoxious fl y, resulting in an unexpected accident. Will she be able to complete her project?

ROBO-G (27 Jan)


The latest from writer-director Yaguchi Shinobu, who has produced a string of hits including Happy Flight with his unique viewpoint and outstanding comedic sensibility. Mickey Curtis (KAMIKAZE TAXI), credited as Igarashi Shinjiro, gives a wonderful performance as a stubborn old man in his fi rst starring role.

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