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Toripaitan Ramen Shio

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HALAL Toripaitan Tsukemen

In the previous issues, I had reviewed and approved some good Tsukemens, which were mostly pork-based. However, consider that Senyum also have Muslim readers, we are dedicated to search for some other shops that serve Halal Japanese dishes.

Guess what? This month, we happened to find Ramen Seirock-ya located in Damansara Uptown. Judging from the lunch crowd, we could Toripaitan Ramen Shio Tsukemen see that this shop was quite famous among the locals. I guess it’s because Ramen Seirock-ya is one of the few Halal ramen shops in KL that serve yummy Toripaitan ramen! All the items on their menu are halal and certified by JAKIM!

At this point, you must be confused. Hmm… What exactly is Toripaitan? In Japanese, Tori means chicken, paitan means white and creamy soup. For your information, the consistency of Toripaitan is pretty thick, one can taste the extremely rich chicken flavour. The good news is, it’s full of collagen.

Since their restaurant is famous for the original Toripaitan ramen, the same chicken-based broth was also used for Tsukemen. Sounds very new to me! I wonder what it would taste like?

According to the Japanese owner, the soup was not just plain chicken broth, Bonito fish powder and seafood such as dried prawn were also added inside to bring up the flavour. The aroma was really tempting and I couldn’t wait to dig in! Pick up the noodles, dip them into the soup, then slurp. This is the way to enjoy Tsukemen, simple yet very satisfying. The noodles were served cold in order to maintain
the chewy texture. I always go for the thick noodles.

In the bowl of Tsukemen, one can find a generous slice of chicken, along with some spinach and seaweed. On a side note, you can add on toppings. Feel free to choose any from the eight- egg, seaweed, Japanese sambal, chicken meatball, karaage, croquette, chicken slice, and of course, more noodles if you are a big eater like me!

The soup was rather fresh and sweet, and tasted very umami. It was savoury but not too heavy. If you are seeking a good halal ramen or tsukemen place, definitely try out Ramen Seirock-ya!

6-G, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Mon~ Thurs 11:30am ~ 9pm Friday~ Sunday 11:30am~ 9:30pm

03-7492 7509

Please refer to their Facebook for the latest information:
Seirock-ya Ramen Malaysia