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It’s hard to say goodbye to the Donburi series! As much as I love rice, I should move on and introduce more Japanese food to our beloved readers. This December, we are kickstarting a whole new series for our food review. Can you guess what it would be? (Hint: noodles, but something else than ramen, soba, and udon.)

…Tsukemen! One of Japan’s specialities that’s yet to be introduced to many Malaysians! While it remains uncommon here, it is relatively popular in its home country. Traced back to 1961, Tsukemen was invented by Kazuo Yamagishi, the owner of Taishoken, a well-known ramen restaurant in Tokyo. This dish was first named “special morisoba”, and was made a staff meal in Taishoken. During that time, it consisted of just leftover noodles and soup with soy sauce added inside. However, as the years pass, more and more restaurants come up with new flavours.

Tsuke means dipping and men means noodles. The soup and noodles come in separate bowls. You might wonder, what kind of noodles exactly is Tsukemen? As an evolutionary form of ramen, though, both of them differ in terms of serving size, the thickness of noodles, method of cooking, as well as the temperature and thickness of broth.

Being told that Mitsuyado Seimen is the only Tsukemen speciality shop in Malaysia, I was amazed to see how much effort and commitment the  restaurant owner put in managing his stores. Everything from the base ingredients, to the noodles, to the recipe, to the interior design of the restaurant, he maintains each and every aspect of his outlets as close as possible to the original Mitsuyado Seimen in Japan. There is a Japanese term called “kodawari”. It literally means the pursuit of perfection, passion, persistence, commitmentand attention to detail. At Mitsuyado Seimen, the kodawari is their noodles which are made from premium Japanese wheat. Smooth and chewy, with a hint of the wheat’s aroma.

*Oridinal Yuzu Tsukemen (RM26++)
add -on egg (RM2.80++)

The restaurant owner strongly recommended me the Original Yuzu Tsukemen, their in-house signature dish. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus lemon that is known for its fragrant rind, and it is one of the few citruses in the world that can still preserve its tart (or sourness) at high cooking temperatures. Considering that it is a citron with limited juice content, it’s quite rare and expensive. I was surprised that Mitsuyado Seimen offers Yuzu flavour Tsukemen at such an affordable price.
There are actually two options for the noodles, namely Hot or Cold. The former one is softer meanwhile the latter one is harder, also firmer and springier. I went for the latter.

For first-timers, don’t forget to check out the “HOW TO EAT TSUKEMEN” guide in the restaurant. You might be shocked to find the soup too heavyflavoured. However, Tsukemen’s soup was made thick to coat each strand of noodles nicely. Bear in mind that the noodles are not meant to be soaked in the soup for a long time. I was mind-blown to find that Yuzu and Tonkotsu duo complimented each other so well! I struggled to search for the right words to describe the soup, because I haven’t tried this taste anywhere else! There was this well-balanced taste of sweetness and sourness in the broth, savoury, umami. It hit the back of my throat and left me craving for more. They blended in exclusive seafood savour and dried ingredients, and finished it with their homemade special yuzu oil imported all the way from Japan. That’s where the umami flavour came from!

Original Yuzu Tsukemen sounds unique and tastes heavenly. For Japanese Tsukemen and Ramen enthusiasts, you must visit Mitsuyado Seimen at least once in your lifetime! Although I’m sure once is not enough, because they offer tons of good Hakata Ramens and Mazesoba(Japanese style mixed Ramen) too.
To me, Mitsuyado Seimen feels so close to the ramen shops I have visited in Fukuoka, in terms of the taste of their Tonkotsu Ramen and also Tsukemen. They currently have two outlets, at The Starling mall and Isetan Lot 10 J’s Gate Dining.  

By Hana


Mitsuyado Seimen

Mitsuyado Seimen @ J’s Gate Dining, P1,Level 4, Lot 10, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL
The Starling Mall Unit S-229, 2nd Floor, 6,Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ
Daily 11am~ 10pm