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Shinjuku Tsukemen...?!

By writing food reviews each month, I hope that more and more Malaysians will learn about the underrated Japanese food available here locally and go to try it out. Senyum started the Tsukemen series in December 2020, and came to realise that it’s not easy to find a Japanese ramen shop in Malaysia that serves Tsukemen. The truth is, it is way too good. As an enthusiastic foodie, it never crossed my mind to give up hunting for more Tsukemen.

This month, I visited another well-known ramen shop in The School by Jaya One, Menya Shi Shi Do. Owned by an Okinawan, this shop is viral among the ramen lovers in Malaysia. If you haven’t been there, you might be wondering why. The reason is very simple, because you can find a lot of authentic ramen here in this shop.

There were a few choices, and I opted for their Shinjuku Tsukemen, tucked away in their ”Special Menu”. When I saw this on the menu, I didn’t hesitate for long. I thought that Shinjuku

sounds really cool and atas, and to pair with ramen that I love, this combination couldn’t be better. Also, I could see from the picture that this dish itself looks quite luxurious, with such an enormous amount of meat!

Here at Menya Shi Shi Do, you can have your bowl of noodles customized. Depending on the noodle dish, some allow you to customize the soup, the sauce for roast pork or just the noodles portion. For Shinjuku Tsukemen, the flavour of the soup is fixed, but you can still upsize to a large portion for free. Good news for a big eater like me!

Shinjuku Tsukemen came with a neat pile of pork belly stripes on top of the noodles, and garnished with a generous amount of dried seaweed. Since it was Tsukemen, the noodles and dipping sauce were separated, and I had to dip each time and then began slurping it up! The Tsukemen noodles here were so authentic like the ones in Japan, they tend to be harder than normal Malaysian noodles, yet firm and chewy. According to Menya Shi Shi Do’s owner, the secret to the firm noodles was to cook them for 4 minutes.

Since the pork bellies were pan- f ried, they were slightly crunchy and not at all greasy. Tender and sweet, I could tell they were very good meat. Meanwhile, the dipping sauce tasted pretty umami, there was also a slight meaty flavour to it. I was told that the broth was made up of a blend of garlic sauce with pork-based soup. Its thickness was just nice, neither too thick nor too watery. Not bland but rather refreshing. It will leave you craving for more after each slurp!

After finishing this bowl of Shinjuku Tsukemen, I had been on cloud nine all day. Got enough protein and got my Japanese Tsukemen craving fixed! Now, how does Tsukemen for your next eat out sound?

Lot 100.P2.039, Level P2, The School Jaya One, No.72A, Jalan Universiti 46200 Petaling Jaya
Daily 11am~ 9pm
012-619 8980
Facebook: @MenyaShiShiDo.my