~Let’s Discover Your Children’s Creativity & Inspiration!~

The exhibition this year is in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Education to support the aspirations in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 where the acquisition of higher order thinking skills is emphasized.
With the tagline “Let’s Discover Your Children’s Creativity & Inspiration”, the exhibition will feature original toys inspired by Japanese products, technology, and culture to offer a progressive play and learn experience in six key areas of a child’s learning: logical, musical, physical, sociological, interpersonal, and constructional.
As its name suggests, ‘Zone 2: TOOL BOX’ houses an array of engaging digital and physical activities from eight developers that act as tools to assist children in learning and understanding the world around them. Among them include, making music with everyday sounds on an Ototo synthesiser, forming animals with neji block, creating a stop-motion animation on the easy-to-use KOMAKOMA app, and browsing through the Digital Children’s Books Fair, among others.
In ‘Zone 3: MY BOX’, kids can exercise their creativity and enjoy the process of making their own toys that they can bring home with them. Options include a buzzer toy, a paper sumo, and a paper airplane. Encouraging a sense of creation, ‘Zone 4: OUR BOX’ is a large collaborative space where children can freely draw and build an underwater world with blackboard art on the walls and floor. This activity fosters the spirit of joint effort and the awareness of a bigger picture. Its uniqueness is in employing cutting-edge technology to bring images drawn to life.

Event Details
Sun. 25th Feb. – Sun.22nd Apr. 2018
11 am – 9 pm (last admission 8:30 pm)
*Admission may be restricted under the occurrence of other events at the venue.
*Closed when ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur is closed.
*For news & updates, please check our Facebook page : Cube1kl

We prepare various contents that can be enjoyed from 2 years old to 12 years old

Entrance Fee
CHILD RM25/child (between 2 – 12 y/o)
Free for children under 1 y/o
*Child under 13 must be attended by a guardian
GUARDIAN RM10/family member(s) (13 y/o & above)
Family member(s), entered as guardians are free of charge with ONE purchased guardian ticket
*Limited to simultaneous admission.
*Limited with child

Venue & Ticket Office
3F THE CUBE / CUBE_1 (ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur)

We have attractive packages for groups from educational institutes like kindergarten or primary schools. Please feel free to enquire about them at the venue (CUBE_1 counter)!

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