Japan Tsu Shin -Ramen Series – RA-MEN BANKARA

Ra-men Bankara ② – It’s The Journey, Not the Destination.

The second variety of ramen ordered was Tsukemen, or dipping noodles. You get your plate of ramen with the same toppings as the Bankara Original and a bowl of hot dipping broth.

The noodle is thicker and chewier than the noodle for the Bankara Original. This is allows the noodle to absorb more of the broth flavour with a longer chew to enjoy it. The broth is different and adds seafood like bonito shavings as well as aromatics like leeks to give an intensely flavour that can be absorbed into the noodles. I like to steep mine in the broth for a little while to maximize the flavour saturation in the noodle.

The Hakata style tonkotsu ramen and the Hokkaido style Miso Ramen are the other two styles of ramen offered in Ra-men Bankara but they are not as unique as the Bankara Original and Tsukemen offerings.

Ramen is never complete without it’s trusty sidekick, the ubiquitous gyoza dumpling. Ra-men Bankara spent a lot of time and effort to get their gyoza to meet the standard in Japan and eventually settled on importing theirs from the mother country so the gyoza here is not just authentic but original. It has a thin but firm skin that is not doughy when boiled. The sear is even and deep to give the crispiness in the bite which then rewards with the aromatic meat filling. Dip in the mix of chilli oil, shoyu and vinegar provided.

What I really enjoyed with the Bankara Original ramen is the evolving the same bowl of ramen with condiments for a series of different flavours and experiences. This really is a different way to look at ramen rather than as a unitary item but rather a series of connected experiences.

Their outlets in Avenue K and Mid Valley Megamall are to be joined by two more this year, in JB and Kota Damansara respectively so you will have even more opportunities to begin the Bankara journey. All aboard the ramen service to your tummy.

Avenue K: Lot 2-7, Level 2, Avenue K, 156,
Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL ​11am-9:30pm (LO)
03-9054 6163

Mid Valley: T-028, Level 3, Mid Valley
Weekdays: 11am-9:45pm(LO)
Weekends and holidays: 10:30am-9:45pm
03-2201 8618