Japan Tsu Shin -Ramen Series – MENYA SHI-SHI DO

A Ramen for Any Occasion

If ramen shops were located along the busiest train stations in Kuala Lumpur instead of mamaks or mediocre fried food vendors, more people would love to take public transit. I’m almost positive of this. I know I would. Unfortunately, or maybe preferred by many in Malaysia, ramen restaurants are typically located in shopping malls. Often, in their less trafficked struggling corners. Recently, I was thrilled to learn of a section on level P2 of Jaya One, there is a neat noodle row. Several different cultural styled noodle dishes can conveniently be enjoyed. Delight in the opportunity to partake in a stunning series of ramen dishes at Menya Shi-Shi Do.

Step into the restaurant, greeted by Kamizato san and his staff. This space has been decorated by a variety of nostalgic works of art, pages out of manga and other items by the 26-year-old Okinawan born chef-owner himself. Prepare yourself for uniquely Malaysian ramen. Kamizato san, with the blessing of his mentor, launched Menya Shi-Shi Do three years ago to deliver something new and fresh to the global scene. He estimates that 90% of his clientele are locals. Beyond this, even ‘ramen otaku’ adore this clever traditional ramen with a local flair.

Take a seat and review the menu. The broth style, Hakata, comes from Fukuoka, a prefecture in Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. A broth so creamy, smooth, silky and rich forms the foundation for Menya Shi-Shi Do’s different flavor levels. Three different categories allow you to enjoy basil, curry, black garlic, spicy and thunder spicy individually or in selected combinations. You are able to pair or triple each option that in Japanese are Aka, Kuro, Shiro, Ki, Midori and Thunder. The final step is selecting your toppings: spring onions, black fungus, egg and pork shoulder.

During different visits I’ve eaten Kuro Midori chasu, Aka Midori, Aka Ki and one off their limited time special menu, yaki buta ramen. The spicy aka ramen holds a smooth balanced profile, as do all that I’ve tasted thus far. There is no extreme burn as compared to wasabi or tom yum or other spicy foods. A toasted piney slightly citrusy flavor profile of the ‘san sho’ or Sichuan peppercorns enhances the chasu broth. Coupled with the other flavors and sides delivers a riveting bowl of ramen. I definitely thoroughly enjoy the combination of basil and black garlic in chasu ramen as well. This nutty creamy broth complements the buttery slices of yakibuta and springy noodles perfectly. Ramen is not the only offering, and they do have a number of side dishes I’ve tried. The side dishes could potentially stand to have more punch, but I do enjoy having some regular go-to standard items that are like you’d expect almost anywhere.
Do not miss an opportunity to try a sharp and well-crafted bowl of unique Malaysian ramen from chef Kamizato san at Menya Shi-Shi Do. You will need to visit multiple times to gain the full benefit of this ample menu that also offers some very interesting limited time specials.


Lot 100.P2.039, Level P2, The School, Jaya One​, No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 PJ
03-7931 7429
FB: MenyaShiShiDo.my