Japan Tsu Shin -Ramen Series – MENYA MIYABI HOKKAIDO RAMEN

World‘s Fastest Growing Ramen Style

Located ground level of Bandar Sunway, the champion of this conveniently accessible outlet sharing delicious Hokkaido style ramen is Menya Miyabi. Out of three ramen shops located in Malaysia, the originals are in Penang, we met chef-owner Takana san to learn first hand what makes this regions styles unique and delicious. Menya Miyabi offers a refined menu for both the traditional as well as local tastes. Ramen is a cultural icon that has taken hold around much of the globe. The 20th century has it at the top of the list of most influential Japanese exports, ahead of karaoke machines, the Sony Walkman and Kurosawa films. Regional styles play an important part in this special bowl of broth, noodles and toppings. Takana san has focused his efforts to train and maintain his outlets to deliver the same level of flavor and standard that his sensei, Mishi san holds in Japan. By regularly visiting each location and tasting complete bowls of ramen, he performs necessary quality checks and feedback to his staff. This is a learning process for everyone involved.

The specialty, Hokkaido style ramen, is the youngest version gaining in popularity in the mid-1960’s. This fine bowl of ramen developed out of the cold northern Hokkaido climate that had people craving bold hearty soups. Miso is the key addition and Menya Miyabi raises the bar flash frying the miso before adding to each bowl of their house signature Yaki Miso ramen. This technique builds a bold kotteri (rich) broth. A day begins early as the soup cooking begins at 7 am sharp building up to a boil by 8 am followed by 14 hours of continuous testing and tuning. It is then ready to serve.

We tasted the two signatures, Yaki Miso and Tonkotsu ramen alongside some staple supplements like gyoza, salad and ebi chahan. I definitely enjoyed the thin-skinned evenly fried gyoza. Takana san joined us sharing his passion for ramen and these unique comforting flavors of his home. Both soups, Yaki Miso and Tonkotsu were aromatic and full of flavor. Adding in butter along with a common Hokkaido style topping of sweetcorn seasons in a very comforting bowl of serious goodness. I might recommend adding the butter in incremental portions to avoid over seasoning. It can quickly become quite the dominant flavor. Tonkotsu held a bold rich creamy flavor with soft fall apart melt in your mouth char siew. The noodles were so fresh, springy and full of that texture I love.

Takana san loves great food and you can taste it. He’s created specials for Malaysia, Kara Miso ramen and Piri Kara Tantan Men. I am looking forward to my next visit to try these spicier versions. When you visit, be sure to try the unique Hokkaido flavors that have spread like wildfire in easily under 50 years.


Sunway Pyramid Hotel West, Ground Floor, Green Zone, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 PJ
04-645 3811
FB: menya.miyabi