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Delicate Flavor Packs an Innovative Punch

Time is a key part in anything requiring the necessary experience. Taking time to mindfully practice a skill serves as the opportunity to gain valuable perspective and knowledge first hand. From Japan to Singapore, to Malaysia, owner and master chef of Malaysia’s Marutama Ramen establishments, Naka-San, has nurtured his experience, and patient attitude to craft consistently delicious bowls of noodles Japan is famous for. How this process arrived to us today remains one tied to a long sophisticated history of humans shifting about the globe coupled with cultures adjusting to their ever-changing circumstances. The ‘fast’ in fast food in Tokyo, in Japan, does not account for the prep process; it refers to the access, convenience and time you take to eat it. You can often find ramen shops near train stations, sometimes even on the waiting platform itself. And you must slurp down the noodles quickly before they swell and lose their pliant texture. So this bowl of noodles, claiming such reverence, what is it? You can design the perfect vase, but if you have no flowers to place within, you would not confront this amazing intertwining of noodle to broth and vice versa.

On a daily basis, a Marutama outlet requires at least 5 hours for cooking and preparation. At its heart, ramen is a simple dish made up of wheat noodles, meat or fish-based broth, vegetables or meat with almost as many variations as there are chefs. Marutama’s founder, Tetsuya Kudo, had the focused vision, to tap the accessibility of chicken to deliver a signature creamy broth (tori pai-tan) to the world. They have mastered the art of preparing a fresh batch of the thick creamy traditional ramen broth that carries the lighter taste and special health benefits a chicken based soup stock holds. Plus their daily fresh handmade noodles underline this unique bold broth.

You can find reviews the world over-praising the blessings of the Marutama style. A bowl of the perfect broth and fresh handmade noodles is complemented with traditional toppings like aji tamago, aosa seaweed and tender char siew. Standing tall beside Marutama Ramen is Nama Karashi Ramen, an amazing spicy broth that perfectly tickles the back of your throat while remaining completely balanced in flavor profile; meaning, you’re not distracted by the spice. And Aka Ramen, that deftly blends seven types of groundnuts with the tori pai-tan, perfectly tender chicken meatballs, seaweed, spring onions, pickled radish, coriander and lemon. This blew my mind with its sweet tangy flavor coupled with the thick creamy broth.

Food is something everyone needs, but unfortunately, not everyone loves. Have you cooked something, put your heart, soul and all your love into it and experienced the outcome? When that has been honed through a business model that is honored in more than just principle but heart, you find before you a gift of power packed goodness called Marutama Ramen. What makes a bowl of noodles good for the soul? Owner and chef of Malaysia’s unique chicken based broth ramen restaurants, may not have the answer, yet Naka-san values the importance well-honed quality experience brings to our lives. Thank you for putting a quarter century sharing the Marutama methodology with Kuala Lumpur. Come and try for yourself. One of Malaysia’s original ramen establishments manages to serve this time consuming Japanese staple well after the trend-driven F & B has seen its hour.

Marutama Ramen

[Berjaya Times Square]
13 &12A 2nd Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi 55100 KL​
10:30-10pm 03-2141 1573

[Empire Shopping Gallery]
LG26A, Lower Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
10:30-10pm 03-5621 0073

FB: Marutama Ra-men Malaysia