Japan Tsu Shin -Ramen Series – Ippudo’s Taichazuke Ramen

Tea With Your Ramen

Japanese culture is often viewed as unique, interesting and not easy to understand. Healthy food is the hallmark of Japanese cuisine with tasty small amounts of a variety of dishes presented together in simple elegant style. This is the offering you will find at IPPUDO Japanese restaurant at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) but with an unusual mix.
Green tea is well known as a healthy complement to a Japanese meal, served hot or cold. The seasonal Taichazuke Ramen (Japanese noodles) is a traditional Japanese comfort meal. A salty-sweet Japanese sea bream broth is blended with a light chicken broth and some truffle oil. A simple innovation involves pouring hot green tea in to your bowl of Ramen to blend with the taste of the special broth in an unusual mix. What could be healthier than that! Japanese Ramen is prepared in the open kitchen inside and you can watch the chefs boil up these noodles until they are cooked to perfection. The Ramen is shaken then stirred in to a clear fish broth before being served with a selection of toppings including; sea bream sashimi in sesame sauce, pork loin, Mitsuba (Japanese parsley), Tamagoyaki with ume paste and seaweed.
Filling up with Ramen is common for a Japanese meal but a further twist in the tale is provided by a smaller assorted seafood rice bowl with sea bream sashimi, ikura, uni, chopped shiso leaves and seaweed served with Japanese rice biscuits. To fill that final gap in your appetite you can spoon the tea stock from your Ramen in to the rice bowl spreading this interesting mix of flavours throughout your whole meal.
IPPUDO was founded in 1985 in Fukuoka and now has more than 200 outlets worldwide. Founder Shigemi Kawahara holds a place in the ‘Ramen Hall of Fame’ after winning TV Champion Ramen Chef three times consecutively and also the TBS Ramen King competition.
A variety of different Ramen dishes are offered with a selection of extra toppings including bamboo shoots, flavoured black fungus and pork belly chashu. It’s not all about Ramen at IPPUDO with the BSC outlet offering an extensive menu of Japanese dishes to suite all budgets. Typical Japanese fare such as Spicy Boiled Gyoza and Wagyu Beef Buns are on offer as well as more adventurous dishes such as Deep-Fried Samurai Ribs (pork) and Okonomiyaki Style Fries covered in Bonito flakes. Don’t forget to finish off your Japanese culinary journey with some mini Nama Choco Rolls or some Matcha Créme Brûlée.
If you are a Japanese food aficionado or even just an interested first timer why not try an unique mix of a staple Japanese dish. A comforting lunch will set you up for the rest of the day and as IPPUDO’s slogan goes: help you to “spread a smile and arigatou (thank you) through bowls of Ramen” when you go back to your office.

TAICHAZUKE RAMEN 鯛茶漬けラーメン (RM 65+)

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