Japan Tsu Shin – Donburi Series – Senya Izakaya

Fill Up On Good Vibes At Senya Izakaya

It can be difficult to decide the answer to the common question, “what should we eat for dinner?” With Kuala Lumpur’s endless options the final answer can be like wrestling a wild boar.
A good meal is scientifically proven to pump your brain with the ‘feel-good’ hormones, endorphins, along with fuel for your busy day. If a bowl of full-flavored fluffy Japanese rice topped with glistening slices of perfectly charred pork activates your salivary glands, we have your good vibes in a bowl right here. Senya Izakaya offers a wide range of menu items that should please even the pickiest in your foodie crew, but we’re here to take on their Hokkaido Pork Donburi.
Navigate the labyrinth of Solaris Dutamas’ Publika to the back upper corner. There you find Senya Izakaya. Stepping inside you are transported into the warm and inviting atmosphere with a blend of classic Japanese wooden interior coupled with walls plastered full of nostalgic images of Japan. Seating options range from the counter to private rooms. The beauty of any izakaya is that they offer a menu packed with a wide variety of delicious eats. Senya delivers with ample offerings of sushi, deep-fried goodies, noodles, rices and of course the dish we’re here for, donburi.
The foundation of their donburi is Hokkaido Pork style. If it’s your first visit, hall manager Keiko san recommends the original Hokkaido Pork Don. She enjoys it best with a half-boiled egg which is a menu option. Each order is joined by a fragrant bowl of miso soup to rinse your palate. Overwhelming customer requests led them to create a not often seen combination, Aburi Salmon alongside grilled pork slices.
Our bowls arrive in an elegantly photo-worthy layered flower blossom arrangement. Served alongside a dollop of mayo, pickled ginger and garnished with a sprig of parsley with a lemon wedge. Insider tip, if you want some more spice in your life, request some wasabi. Lemon squeezed dry, we sample the charred salmon first. The slices, although leaning toward the thin side, are fatty and full of flavor. Each bite, dipped with a bit of mayo and wasabi with some of the fluffy Japanese rice melts a waterfall of flavors over the tongue. It’s a high request to ask salmon to go against the heavyweight shoyu based sauce coating the pork,but it’s all in the timing. We suggest eating the salmon first or use the miso and ginger as a palate cleanser between bites. Of course, when you bring the wasabi into the plate, the ante is raised.
For a rich combination in a fun environment, head over to Senya Izakaya at Publika.

Senya Izakaya
Jalan Dutamas | D5-G3-1, Solaris Dutamas,Kuala Lumpur 50480, Malaysia

12pm–3pm, 5:30pm–11pm (Tuesday-Sunday)
Closed (Monday)
03-6205 4999