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Ozeki’s Gyūdon is Nostalgia’s Cure

When you are feeling stressed out, missing those good old days, what do you reach for? Often, we seek solace in treats that can inject a serotonin boost. Usually, that’s an edible high in fat and carbs. Where you are from triggers different cravings. Kimijima san, chef-owner of Kuala Lumpur’s Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine restaurant finds his comfort in a cozy bowl of delicious gyūdon (牛丼).

Donburi is almost by definition a comfort food. A bowl of rice topped with any number of ingredients is the essence of carbs and proteins. The shōgun of legendary donburi is gyūdon. This amazingly simple “beef bowl” is topped with thinly sliced beef and caramelized onions that have been simmered in a mildly sweet broth seasoned with dashi, soy sauce, and mirin.

After graduating high school, Kimijima san walked through the door of foodservice. Like many in his industry, after a year of cooking school, he jumped in the deep-end getting straight to work.

Dedication to honing his culinary skills has guided him to running restaurants in Malaysia. As a chef in Japan, or anywhere for that matter, you don’t have much time. The tasks required to create successful F & B establishments demand attention. In Japan, students, salary workers, and kitchen staff alike turn to a quick bowl of low priced gyūdon as a lifesaver.

Not long after he arrived in Malaysia, he found a craving manifesting within. Unlike Tokyo and other major Japanese cities, comfort foods like donburi are barely a speck on the Malaysian landscape. Kimijima san knew what he needed to do. Throughout his years in KL, he has steadily created a gyūdon that returns him to those comforting moments of his youth. Although Ozeki’s menu is extensive, many regulars find this beef bowl as the antidote to their craving.

Kimijima san selects fatty Australian beef brisket that he slices about an inch thick. He then simmers onions to start the flavorful sauce that fuzes all elements. Our steaming hot bowl comes with ajitama, pickled ginger and hakusai no shiozuke on the side. The crunch of pickled cabbage somehow enhances the subtle sweetness. Breaking the tamago and stirring its gooey essence into the meat and rice gather it all together. Tap a few pinches of togarashi to add some fire and spice.

Seeking a restorative? Try cooking this simple Japanese standard donburi for yourself, or if you’re more short on time, head to Ozeki and satiate your craving with this classic comfort food.

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