Japan Tsu Shin – Donburi Series – Aimori @ Publika

Delightful Donburi Dishes at Aimori

At the best of times, it is already difficult todecide on what to eat and where to dine.
And in case one decides to venture towardsJapanese cuisine, the next important decisionis on what type of Japanese food to eat.
How often have family members having todecide base on a democratic system onsushi, sukiyaki, yakitori, shabu shabu or unagidon, just to name a few, before deciding ona restaurant? And the minority having lost,feeling “why does he always get to choose”.
Now at Block A of Solaris Dutamas, everyone can have their choice of Japanese cuisine under on restaurant. AIMORI Nihon Ryori opened at Publika in January this year.
A restaurant with a high ceiling which immediately give the impression of size and depth of the restaurant. An open kitchen is on the right which by itself is challenging enough as both food preparation and cleanliness are
highly transparent to the customers.
And last but not least, the restaurant has in the middle, large onsen type wooden bathtubs with a table in the middle and which can sit at least 4 persons. Definitely a hit with family with young children. Further, for corporate function or large group, there is a partitioned private room at the back of the restaurant which can accommodate up to 20 persons.
Aimori has a large and diverse Japanese menu. According to Kelvin, Aimori’s Outlet manager, the restaurnnnant strives for high class cuisine but at affordable price. This has definitely been reflected in the menu. Yakitori is at RM4 each which is indeed reasonable.
And Unagi Don at RM58. For the raw dishes there are the Ikura Shoyuzuke, Salmon and Maguro Sashimi. For those having an urge for Ramen, this is also available. And, sukiyaki and shabu shabu are on the menu too.
Their signatures, Hiyashi Beef Don (RM36) and Niku Nikomi Don(RM43) are two exceptional, interesting and unusual Dons, so far as Dons are concerned. Dons are a meal by itself in a bowl. It must be savory and most
importantly, an all encompassing comfort food in a bowl. Their Hiyashi Beef with its special egg sauce with minced beef over Japanese rice was
exceptionally moist and balance in taste. The Niku Nikomi on the other hand, has a generous amount of shredded Australian beef, peppery in taste, and we can tell that the beef has been cooked for a long time to be so
tender. Both Dons come with a miso soup and a fruit dessert to complete
the meal.

Aimori is a pork f ree non-halal restaurant.
Happy hours start at 1730 hrs with RM45 for a bucket of 5 bottles of beer. Sake and shochu are also available. The menu provides for plenty of accompanied dishes for drinks and, according to Kelvin, Sapporo beers are to be available very soon

Aimori @ Publika

A2-UG1-9 Solaris Dutamas
No.1, Jalan Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
11:30am-5pm, 6pm-10pm (Monday-Sunday)
+603 62065526